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As an Employer or
Group Benefits Administrator
the links to the right will provide you with
the information and documents needed to
resolve most of your issues and questions
From 10+ yrs. of experience,
we narrowed the information to answer
approximately 80% of the  inquiries we
receive on a daily basis.

We are confident this information will be
clear, easy to follow and most importantly
save you time!

Be sure to view the Frequently Asked
Questions(GBA FAQ's) tab, it is most
As an Employee or Member the links to the left will
provide you with information needed to search for Doctors,
Specialist, Hospitals or Facilities, Dentist, Prescriptions....all within
your insurance plan.

The Insurance Carrier Information tab provides phone numbers that
are direct lines to answer most of your questions related to your
plan benefits and claims issues. You will need to have your
identification number or social security number available at the time
of the call.

The Frequently Asked Questions (Member FAQ's) tab will be a
great source of information for questions such as:
      ~ I'm turning 65 years old what should I do?
      ~ Up to what age is my child covered?
      ~ I need to add a new born child
      ~ Do I need prior authorization?
      ~ Is there a gym membership discount through my plan?
      ~ How do I benefit from the Rx mail order program...
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