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Creative Solutions to Lower Your Company's Health Care Cost
Servicing New York City's 5 Boroughs & Long Island
Business Health Benefits Plus, LLC. (BHBP)  is a local  Independent
Brokerage, providing Group Health Insurance Plans and other ancillary group benefits
to businesses in New York City and Long Island for over 10 years!!!

BHBP specializes in the Sole Proprietor and Small Business, Group Health Insurance
Market, with groups of 1 to 50 employees.

As a broker, we are unbiased to the insurance carriers we represent and look to
educate the client in simple terms and to provide the most comprehensive coverage
their budget allows.

Integrity, Service, Follow Through, A Direct Point of Contact, ....
We pride ourselves and built a reputation on the level of
service we provide and the integrity and ethics we adhere to.  

Each situation is Unique!!  

We do not believe in a web site capable of generating quotes which would best meet
your company's specific needs and budget. This is just not possible.

We do not sell or farm out the leads generated by our web site. Each lead is handled
as a potential client of
Business Health Benefits Plus, LLC and is serviced by one
OUR Employees, who will be your direct point of contact.

In many groups of 1 to 10 employees, if possible, we encourage and guide the owners
and employees to enroll in certain state subsidized programs.
BHBP  is always
offering suggestions and guidance to help reduce cost and maximize benefits.

 Our clients best interest is always our number 1 priority!!
Disclaimer: As a visitor to this site, you agree to the following: All information on the site is for informational purposes only. Due to the constant changes in the
insurance industry from both the insurance carriers as well as Government Agency's  it is advised to speak with an expert before taking any action.
Privacy Policy: As a visitor to this site, we want to assure you that any information obtained, will be only for the sole purpose of providing you with the advise, guidance
and proposals you request. Under no circumstances is the information shared with a third party, other than the purpose of obtaining quotes. No information is ever
sold or farmed out to brokers, agencies or lead vendors.
Business Health Benefits Plus, LLC.
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Business Health Benefits Plus, LLC.
Is Involved In:
Chambers of Commerce

We are meeting and networking with
clients and prospects on a daily basis,
Encouraging our clients to Network
with one another for Business,
Discounts and Business Affiliations!

Additional Benefits Offered:
Health Insurance
Dental Insurance

Group and Individual:
Long Term Care

Lower Cost Energy Programs for:
Gas & Electric

Medicare Advantage Plans
Medicare Supplements

15 Years Experience  in
Annuities and Financial Advice